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Recruitment position

Foreign trade clerk


1. Develop foreign customers through multiple channels such as the company's inherent platform, social networks and international exhibitions, improve the company's brand, and continuously accumulate customer resources;

2. Conduct market and customer analysis, tap customer needs, business negotiations, order negotiations, production arrangements and payment recovery;

3. Understand the changes in the customer's organizational structure, break through and maintain customer relationships, and proactively provide customers with enthusiastic, satisfactory and thoughtful services;

4. Prepare and participate in the exhibition, be responsible for the reception of foreign customers, negotiate with customers and reach cooperation;

5. Complete other tasks arranged by superiors.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in English and international trade is preferred;

2. CET-4 and above, able to use English emails, fluent spoken English and online communication tools to communicate with customers;

3. Have a certain degree of stress resistance, and experience in trade in the crafts industry is preferred;

4. Good at thinking and summarizing, dare to challenge high salary, always maintain a perfect working attitude, full of hope and enthusiasm and willing to develop together with the company;

5. Optimistic and cheerful personality, proactive and enthusiastic at work, good communication, execution and negotiation skills, and a high sense of responsibility and team spirit.